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Are you man enough for Ruby Lynne, a soft, voluptuous, curvy wife, mother and grandmother from Portland, Oregon? Today, Ruby is back to show off her sexy body and finger her pussy. And Thursday, she'll fuck on-camera for the second time. OldHornyMILFs: How does a man attract your attention? Ruby Lynne: By being respectful and curious. Be independent and confident but not conceited. OldHornyMILFs: How did you come to our attention? Ruby Lynne: I saw a magazine at a local sex store, came home and searched online. OldHornyMILFs: Are you a nudist? Ruby Lynne: Yes! My husband and I love the nude beaches of Oregon. OldHornyMILFs: How do you like to masturbate? Ruby Lynne: I love to get myself off with my Lovense toys. The strong vibes send me over the edge. OldHornyMILFs: What's your sexual fantasy? Ruby Lynne: A gang bang! I would love a group of young, hot guys to service me.
When we asked Clara Red, a 66-year-old newbie from Chicago, Illinois, to tell us the most-fun job she's ever had, she said, "I believe it will be this one." Ah, Clara. Although you are getting paid for showing off your beautiful body and sucking and fucking young studs on-camera, we've always said that being on isn't a job. It's an adventure. Today's adventure for Clara includes showing off her beautiful, bangable body and spreading and fingering her very pink pussy for all the world to see. Clara, who now lives in South Florida, has that classic granny look, like Bea Cummins, Jewel and Lola Lee. She looks like she should be at some country club, playing tennis and hanging out with her golden girls gal pals, but instead, she's here, doing things most 66-year-olds don't do. "I have reached an age where I have taken care of everyone and everything in my life and now it's my turn to just let myself be me," she said. Clara has a son and a daughter. "When my son was younger, his friends used to talk about MILFs when they thought I could not hear them. It was pretty funny back then. I also have three grandsons." Will her son's friends see Mrs. Red on Who knows? For their sake, we hope so.
62-year-old, Czech wife, mother and grandmother Nicol Mandorla is here to show off her big tits and satisfy her kinda hairy pussy with her fingers and a toy. OldHornyMILFs: How would you spend a million dollars? Nicol: I'd travel around the world. OldHornyMILFs: Sex on the first date? Nicol: No. I like to know people before I have sex with them. OldHornyMILFs: What makes you feel sexy? Nicol: When I am happy, I feel sexy.
It's always great to see a hot MILF again after several years. Today, we have the return of Amy, who was 53 when she fucked on-camera for the first time in 2016 and is now 59 years old. She's a mom and divorcee from the UK, she has big tits and a pierced pussy and she seems to be even hornier than she was before. "I enjoy painting," Amy told us. "I also enjoy going for long walks with my dog. I tend to be a quiet girl. Not in bed, of course. I'm definitely not quiet there! I enjoy sunny afternoons drinking coffee and reading the paper. I enjoy nice dinners." Back in 2016, after twice fucking young studs on-camera, Amy said, "Doing this is the most fun I've ever had." She also said, "Only a few friends know what I'm doing and they were surprised when they found out. I'm not even a swinger. I've never gone more than topless on a nude beach, so I'm not exactly a loose girl." One of her friends who wasn't surprised was 50Plus MILF Molly Maracas, who sent Amy our way. Amy's favorite kind of evening: "Drinks, dinner and sex." What she wants to do that she's never done: "Have sex in the snow." What's sexy to her? "Shaven balls." Break out the razors, guys!