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Look who's back! It's Rita Daniels, now 71 years old and, if possible, looking better and sexier than ever. That's saying a lot because Rita was a true MILF/GILF piece of ass when we first met her in 2010. You could say Rita has explored and expanded upon her sexuality since she first appeared at, and the result is a woman who's 100% confident in her sexuality, sensuality and ability to pleasure men. Her way of fuck-talking is so natural, so completely uninhibited. Here, Rita is wearing a little bra that shows off her big tits, matching panties, stockings, a garter belt and heels. She's going to tell you how she likes it and then she's going to show you by using her torso sex toy, Marco. She sucks Marco's balls. She sucks Marco's cock. She shoves Marco's cock deep inside her pussy and takes Marco in her ass, too. Never, ever, have we so envied an inanimate object. Rita Daniels...she never disappoints. OldHornyMILFs: What if somebody had told you back in 2010 that you'd still be doing this in 10 years and you'd become one of the hottest mature porn stars, if not the hottest? Rita: I probably would've just laughed. I really didn't know it was going to be such a fun adventure and that I'd get into it like I have. I go to airports and have guys come up to me and say, "You're Rita Daniels!" At home last Christmas, I was doing some last-minute shopping on Christmas Eve, and there I was in the store, shopping and blowing bubbles, and a young guy who worked in the store was on his knees doing Christmas boxes. And he looked up and said, "Oh my god, you're Rita Daniels. Oh, Rita, I have to take you to Victoria's Secret and pick out an outfit for you," and we walked over and he bought me a couple of sexy outfits, and we're still friends. OldHornyMILFs: I've always thought that there are two Ritas: the sexy Rita who will do anything on-camera and the Rita who's a mother and a grandmother. Rita: Oh, that's definitely true. I'm definitely more of an exhibitionist on-camera than I am in real life. It all depends on where I am and what I'm doing. Sometimes I'm a real exhibitionist. If I'm out partying on South Beach, I'm totally different. But when I'm home and in grandma mode and having good times with my grandkids, you'd never know I was a porn star. I have a lot of different sides.
When we asked Mandy Monroe, a 51-year-old wife and mom from Utah, to tell us about her favorite job, she said, "This is it! Hubby films and I have a blast having porn as my full-time job and the best job ever. I do all my own editing and promoting." Ah, yes, but that's for her personal website. For Mandy's debut, we pampered her. We had a stylist do her hair and makeup. Then we asked her to show us how she gets off. We did the filming and editing and now we're doing the promoting, although in all honesty, it doesn't take much to promote a sexy little MILF like Mandy. One look at her tight, hot body is all it takes. Before she started doing this, Mandy "had no idea that guys liked older women. I didn't know the extent of it. I had no clue about any of it. I didn't know interracial was a thing. I had no idea hot wives was a thing. I had no idea about how big it was and how big it has become. I love it. I love it as much now as I did the first day." Mandy now lives in Florida with her husband and kids, who don't know that their mom loves to show off her hot body and fuck on-camera for all the world to see. "They don't know about any of this," she said. "I'm keeping it from them for now. Maybe they'll find me online and we'll have to talk." Mandy is 5'6" and weighs 102 pounds. She measures 32D-25-33. She lifts weights several times a week, enjoys walking her dogs, does some cooking here and there and works hard to keep her body in the fantastic shape it's in now. "Before I started doing this, I had only been with my husband," she said. "I hadn't had sex with anybody else. I was married a virgin, so once I experienced someone else, I was like, 'Wait, there's other things people do? This is fun!'" Fun for her. A lot of fun for us. Welcome, Mandy.
Now 49 years old, former SCORE magazine star Betty Boobs is back for more after a few years away. Today, she shows off her big tits, pierced nipples and flexibility and deep-fingers her very wet pussy. Her pussy is very pink. When Betty shot for us in 2017, she told us why she got back into porn after being away for a while. "I was a mommy," she said. "They're all raised, so now it's Mommy's turn. I was a burn trauma unit ICU nurse for 13 years. I just decided to change it up again. Some might say it's a mid-life crisis, but I've done it before so it isn't." There's no crisis here that we can think of. Just a lot of your pants when you look at Betty's tight butthole and gaping pussy. OldHornyMILFs: What do you do for your guy to make him feel special? Betty: Well, first I cook him a hot meal, then I make sure to turn on some rap because an awesome blow job always has good rap in the background. I always bring the toys in so they get me to the biggest orgasm they can. It always makes a man feel good when a woman shakes so much, they must catch them as they come off their cock! I'm always ready for sex. I'm always wanting more. OldHornyMILFs: If time were frozen for 24 hours, what would you do? Betty: I would be naked the whole time! I walked a busy street in Florida topless 20 years ago for a radio station. OldHornyMILFs: What makes you extra horny? Betty: Waking up in the morning! [Laughs] I am super-horny most of the time. If I get fucked really good, then I get can't get enough. I have two sex machines and plenty of toys, but a younger man with a rock-hard cock? Yeah! I get super-horny from popping the cougar cherry of men in their 20s. I'm the one you don't tell Mama about!
Valentina Sierra, one of the world's hottest, horniest women, is a 44-year-old divorcee and mom from the Czech Republic who says the most-fun job she's ever had is "being a mother." She looks like she's having a lot of fun here as she strips out of a Latex outfit, fucks her ultra-pink pussy with a very large toy and shows off her butthole that, despite how many times it has been fucked, is still very tight. Oldhornymilfs: What would be your perfect day? Valentina: Me and all my children chilling together, a nice dinner then we play cards or watch our favorite movie. Oldhornymilfs: How do you dress when you're going out in public? Valentina: I dress most-elegant and classic, but I like and feel comfortable in sporty clothes. Oldhornymilfs: What do you want to do that you haven't done? Valentina: A lot! Jump from an airplane, fly in a hot-air balloon, visit another planet. Oldhornymilfs: What kind of dates do you like? Valentina: Romantic dates or dates in nature. Oldhornymilfs: Have you ever had sex with a much-younger man? Valentina: Yes. It was hot, hot, hot!