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Jeri, a 53-year-old divorcee from a small town in South Carolina, shows us what she does when her naughty neighbor is watching. According to Jeri, he doesn't know she knows he's watching, but we're guessing he doesn't care because he gets to watch her play with her tits and rub her pussy. Hey, why risk ruining a good thing, right? Jeri has grown children, and she told us they wouldn't be happy if they knew she was doing this. "But all my life, I've done everything for my kids," she said. "Now I'm doing something for me." Jeri lives in a small town in rural South Carolina. It's a conservative town where everyone knows everyone else's business, families go to church on Sunday morning and people live by a very strict moral code. In other words, it's a town that can't contain a woman like Jeri, whose sexuality is always out there. "That's one of the things I liked about doing this," Jeri said. "I'm definitely doing something that would cause tongues to wag. I've done a lot of things I haven't told my children about. Threesomes, foursomes, gang bangs. And now I have one more thing to not tell my children about!"
Ya gotta love a woman like Stormy Rose, a 54-year-old dominatrix from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She thinks she's controlling us. She thinks she's got us in the palm of her hand. In reality, the opposite is true. We've got our cocks in the palms of our hands because Stormy is showing off her big tits and shaved, pierced pussy and fucking it with a veiny, lifelike dildo. She thinks she's teasing us. Honey, as long as we're jacking to your actions and shooting spunk at the end, we're getting exactly what we want. Then again, maybe that's the whole idea. Maybe Stormy just likes to think she's in control, talking to us and teasing us and spreading her cunt and drilling it with her fuck toy. But she knows the deal. "Every guy has a kinky side," she said. "Some have more than others, obviously, but I can get it out of anyone." There are definitely some things she can always get out of us.
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